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4 Reasons to View the Smoky Mountain Fall Foliage From Our Gatlinburg Ziplines

4 Reasons to View the Smoky Mountain Fall Foliage From Our Gatlinburg Ziplines

The Smoky Mountains have some of the most breathtaking beauty in the Eastern United States. In autumn, these blue, forested hills are transformed into a blazing patchwork of vibrant fall foliage that will render you silent with wonder. So, why would you want to experience the beauty of nature while ziplining in Gatlinburg ? Here are four fantastic reasons that every traveler to the Smoky Mountains needs to know.

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1. Unparalleled Perspective

While the fall loveliness can be enjoyed during a leisurely hike, you won’t get the same perspective. The saying about not seeing the forest for the trees is meaningful here. However, when you take the plunge and ride a zipline, you truly get a sense of the immense expanses of the countryside. Change your perspective if you want a better look at all those gorgeous fall colors, rippling like a bright quilt into the distance.

2. Excitement, Included

With ziplining in Gatlinburg , you get all the excitement of taking a plunge, without the needing any prior experience. It provides a similar Fall foliageadrenaline rush to skydiving, without the need for a rough reunion with Mother Earth. So it’s safer, and you still experience the awesome sense of flying. To hear what other people have said about their canopy tour, visit the official Adventure Park Ziplines TripAdvisor page.

3. Embed the Memory

Speaking of adrenalin, when you look back on your zipline experience, your recall will be sharpened, colors brighter, sensory information more vivid. While you may recall unusual aspects of your experience that would not be as pronounced in memories of a hike, they will also remain with you longer. That’s the nature of our brain’s response to adrenalin.

4. The Path Not Taken

Much as with the more open perspective provided, when you go ziplining, you’ll see the forest from a completely different vantage point, and also see parts of it not accessible to inexperienced hikers, automotive tours, or even mountain bikers. There’s so much beauty waiting to be seen. Book your zipline experience today by visiting our Gatlinburg Ziplines Reservations page or giving us a call at 865-453-8644!


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