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5 Questions to Ask Before Ziplining in Gatlinburg

5 Questions to Ask Before Ziplining in Gatlinburg

Ziplining has become increasingly popular in recent years, and lots of people are thinking about trying this one of a kind activity for the first time. If you are considering a zipline adventure, we encourage you to do a little research before taking your first canopy tour. To help you choose the right zipline course, we have put together the answers to five questions everyone should ask before ziplining in Gatlinburg.

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1. What should I wear?

When dressing for your zipline adventure, you want to be both safe and comfortable. Since you’ll be high in the air in a mountainous area, you should prepare for chilly temperatures. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wear things like thermal underwear, thick socks, a warm jacket, and a ski cap or other hat that will keep your head warm. Additionally, you should wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too loose. Make sure you are wearing shoes that are close-toed, as sandals are not permitted.

2. Can you zipline in all kinds of weather?Ziplining man

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy ziplining in all seasons, including winter. Just be sure to dress warmly enough if you are going to be ziplining on a cold day! It is even possible to go ziplining in the rain, but we do not run canopy tours if there is a thunderstorm with lightning. If this occurs when your session is scheduled, you will be able to reschedule or get a refund.

3. Can I bring my kids on a zipline tour?

Of course! Here at Adventure Park, we believe that taking a canopy tour should be a family event. Ziplining can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of three. Young children under 70 pounds will have to ride tandem with one of our guides. Kids who meet the weight requirement are allowed to ride alone, but they must still be accompanied by an adult while they are on the Adventure Park grounds.

4. Can I go ziplining with a large group?

We love hosting large groups at Adventure Park! Ziplining in Gatlinburg with a group of friends or your whole family is a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any other special occasion. Our canopy tours can accommodate eight people. If you have a larger group, you can still come together and take separate tours. We even offer group rates so you can save money when you come with a large party! Check out our Gatlinburg Zipline Group Information page for more details.

Woman on a zipline5. Is ziplining really safe?

At Adventure Park Ziplines, safety is our top priority. We use only the best equipment, such as Petzl and Adjama harnesses, which are used in other outdoor sports such as mountaineering and ice climbing. Our harnesses are made of extremely durable materials, including Dyneema, a synthetic fiber 15 times stronger than steel. Our staff is highly trained and will make sure you understand safety procedures before you begin your ziplining tour. For additional safety, our visitors are fitted with special helmets and gloves. To learn more about our course and equipment, visit our Gatlinburg Zipline Safety page!


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