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Gatlinburg Zip Line Safety

Making your Gatlinburg zip line tour safe is our top priority.

Starting with the very early planning stages of our zip line company, safety has been a top priority. The materials we used in the construction were obtained from a trusted ACCT firm that has been part of the challenge course industry since the 1970s.

Our employees were carefully chosen and almost all brought experience with them having worked at other zip line locations from across the United States. Those that were hired that had no previous experience were trained in every aspect of proper zip line safety guidelines.

Considering the number of riders worldwide over many years verses the accidents that occurred, zip lining has an incredible reputation as a safe way to go on an adventure. After doing an intense search on zip line accidents and fatalities we noticed the same stories came up repeatedly. These accidents all have a common theme that involves either:

  • Riding on a home-made or poorly constructed zip line
  • Riders not following proper procedures
  • Guides that have not been properly trained
  • Total disregard to common sense

We want you and your family or group visiting any zip line attraction to have a great time without anyone being involved with even a minor accident! That’s what this section on zip line safety is all about and we hope you find it useful and informative as you set out on your new adventure. If you don’t want to read this entire section, at least look over the following list of what you can do to minimize the chances of anyone getting hurt.

  1. How’s your back, heart and general health? Are you fit to zip line?
  2. Choose a zip line location that looks well-constructed and maintained.
  3. Do a search on the particular zip line you are planning to visit including the words “accident” or “safety violations” like “Pigeon Forge zip line accidents. Anything come up?
  4. Watch closely as your guide puts the harness on you. Do you feel safe in it?
  5. Listen carefully as they explain the basics of zip lining; it’s really pretty easy.
  6. Look at your harness and lanyards. Are they in good shape?
  7. Double check your “D Rings” or “Oval Rings.” Are they closed up good and tight?
  8. After they connect it to the trolley lift your feet off the platform, did it support your weight?
  9. ASK QUESTIONS! If at any time you are not sure about something go ahead and let your guide know, they will happily double check your gear or address any concerns you might have.
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