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Zip Line Carabiners

All Our Zip Line Carabiners meet industry standards

Zip line carabiners are used to connect the lanyard to the harness you are wearing, the safety backup belay to the harness and then at the top to connect both to the trolleys. We use a combination of steel and aluminum ‘biners as advised by the ACCT company that constructed our zip line. Mountain climbers often choose aluminum because of the weight issue in carrying so many on their expedition. Since we only need a limited amount per rider we opted to use some constructed of steel.

The images below will give you an idea of how every aspect of your safe zip line experience is forefront in choosing the correct gear. These spring loaded carabiners with auto locking gates leave no room for error when it comes time to equip you for your ride. All are rated to hold a downward force of around 5,000 lbs.

Carabiner strengths are measured in kiloNewtons (kNs) which is a measure of force that takes into account the amount of force on an object. Mountain climbers sometimes fall and when they do their body weight (mass) is already being held by the carabiner but during the fall they accelerate and this means even more strength is required to hold them. Basically then, you are using the same gear that a mountain climber trusts his or her life with!

All our gear carries either the CE, ANSI, OSHA or UIAA seal of approval to confirm we use only the best as set forth by industry standards.

Zip Line Carabiners

Zip Line Carabiners

Zip Line Carabiners, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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