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Zip Line Harness

Zip Line Safety: Harness

The first step will be getting you comfortably secured into your zip line harness by a trained guide. Not trusting just any brand to keep you safe, these ¬©Petzl and ¬©Adjama harnesses are trusted by mountain climbers, cave explorers and even search & rescue teams worldwide. This “Buckling In”, as it is known, is a crucial first step and must be handled by an ACCT certified guide.

Our chosen zip line harnesses are designed for use in mountaineering, ice climbing, and other outdoor adventures like ziplining because even though they’re lightweight and compact they are also strong. Made of very durable polyester and nylon webbing and the material used at the carabiner attachment point is Dyneema. This material, Dyneema, is a synthetic fiber that is 15 times stronger than steel, %40 stronger than Kevlar and like Kevlar is also used in the manufacture of bullet-proof vests. The adjustable leg loops allow for great comfort and security while taking a zip line tour or ride leaving you with only worrying about having too much fun!.

Zip Line Harness Safety

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