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Zip Line Helmet and Gloves

Serious Headgear and Hand Protection

Zip Line Helmet

This helmet may not get any fashion awards but when it comes to protection this CE approved, “polycarbonate shell” head gear will do it’s job. Again, the same quality helmet used by professional ice climbers, search & rescue teams and occupations that involve working where heights are an issue. Engineered to meet standards put in place by the industry, our current helmet is also made by Petzl, a trusted name when it comes to being safe. With a final “tap on the top”, the guide confirms the helmet chin strap has been checked for tightness and your head gear protection process is complete.

Zip Line Helmet Safety

Zip Line Helmet

Zip Line Gloves

These durable, double-layer leather gloves will protect your palms and fingertips while ziplining. They wrap around the wrists so you can be sure they stay in place while using them to brake and holding onto the lanyard. Always use your dominant hand to brake with by just using slight downward pressure against the top of the cable.


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