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Zip Line Trolley

The Petzl Speed Zip Line Trolley or Pulley

No matter what you call it, this device sees to it that your zip line experience is fast and smooth. Built not only for speed but durability as well, the tandem speed zip line trolley by Petzl is a great piece of engineering designed to track straight and do it’s job even in extreme conditions. Using a double pulley system with stainless steel sheaves and ball bearings will allow maximum speeds of up to 65 feet per second!

Each double zip line pulley has a breaking strength of 24 kn, and with each kn (kiloNewton) equivalent to about 220 pounds (over 5,000 lbs. breaking strength) you would be secure with just one of these units. Since Adventure Ziplines uses the “redundant system” this means you could hook your car up and take it ziplining with you!

Zip Line Trolley

Zip Line Trolley or Pulley

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